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Redraven Speedview
Speedview is the world’s 1st hands & only hands free roll-off system.
Using unique digital ID wireless technology,

the touch of a button automatically triggers the electronic roll-off system, clearing your lens of mud and dirt in less than a second, enabling you to focus on your performance & winning.

Speedview …

  • … Crystal clear vision in all conditions - in a split second
  • … Seconds saved per lap - increasing speed & performance
  • … Up to 40 clears per Speedroll
  • … 208% increased viewing area to normal goggles (792cm2)
  • … 160 degrees peripheral vision
  • … Flexible double lens anti-fog threaded AFT
  • … Never take your hands of the handlebars again
  • … A new larger triple-layer face foam for improved comfort and fit
  • … A new improved track and cover which reduces the risk of mud and dirt clogging up the system
  • … A new snap-on track and lens allowing you to easily replace or change the track and cover over the dual lens
  • … A new receiver unit which minimises the risk of accidental activation or on/off switching
  • … New goggle strap design

Never take your hands off the handle bars again!